Moot Hill

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The Client

Moot Hill Ltd help private and commercial clients resolve disputes; more quickly, for less cost and with significantly less stress than if you were to follow a traditional route.

With specialist skills in mediation, structured negotiation and arbitration, they’re experts in securing lasting commercial resolutions to complex and high-value disputes. They can help you avoid a lengthy, costly and potentially damaging legal process. At the same time they’ll relieve you of stress and make sure you stay informed and in control throughout.  They call it ‘the Moot Route’.

Mark Linnell

LimeGreen have been brilliant in helping us get Moot Hill Ltd established. Huge thanks to Katie Cripwell and her team, with particular thanks to Sarah Russell for her excellent writing and editing. We now have a fantastic brand that is growing. Our website, social media programme and our marketing direction are all now into gear and we are so pleased we are working with them