Six Reasons Why Webinars Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Webinars are not a new phenomenon; WebEx™ video-conferencing has been around since 1995!  However, there is no doubt that with the COVID pandemic putting a halt to physical gatherings, the webinar has seen a resurgence in the last two years.

A webinar has all the features of the traditional seminar, keynote, or panel session, but with the added ability to reach people wherever they are across the globe.  Webinars are ideal for teaching, carrying out demonstrations, raising awareness, and making connections; meaning they are a very effective marketing tool.  Here are six reasons why webinars should be part of your marketing strategy.


Webinars can be held in a variety of formats.  They can be used for educational purposes, such as employee training; for demonstrations of the products or services that your company provides to generate sales; for interviews, panel discussions, or audience Q&A sessions.

After the main event, the recorded content of your webinar can also be repurposed in the future for blog posts, tweets, explainer videos, and much more.  Any questions from your audience can lead to new ideas and help you to produce highly relevant new content for your website and marketing campaigns.  There are very few other marketing mediums which are as versatile as the webinar.


Webinars are very budget friendly.  Teaching, training or giving demonstrations in a live format involves researching and hiring venues; travelling for both staff and clients; providing catering and accommodation; and plenty more time and resources for all of the preparations involved.  Webinars in comparison require a lot less time, resources, and planning than physical seminars and conferences making them a great choice for small businesses.


Webinars allow you to reach out to an audience that can span the globe, and connect with those that may have been difficult to reach in the past.  Webinars can be streamed live or they can be recorded for people in different time zones to view at their own leisure at a time that suits them. 


Webinars present the perfect opportunity to allow your audience to engage with you and your business using features like chat boxes, live polls, social lounges, and Q&A sessions.  A well led webinar can provide a great platform for clients and potential customers to ask questions and voice their opinions.


Usually people sign up in advance for a webinar in order to receive the information to join the event by email. This is a great lead generator for any business, especially when studies show that between 20-40% of webinar attendees later become leads. Just make sure when collecting that data that your attendees know how you’ll be using their information.


Finally, hosting webinars can increase your credibility with your customer base and, in turn, help you to build trust with them.  This is especially true if your webinar involves guest speakers.  

Hosting regular webinars can raise your company’s profile; and by developing a series of webinars, you can encourage people to ‘tune in’ to find out what happens next, showing off your brand and helping others to learn more about you.

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