Why Print Marketing Still Deserves a Place in the Digital World

We live in a digital age, with almost everyone owning a mobile phone or tablet computer.  Since your customers now harness the power of a personal computer in their back pocket, it’s no wonder that digital marketing is very much at the forefront of any company’s marketing strategy. But what about print marketing? In a digital world, do we still need business cards, leaflets and posters and ads in magazines? Print may have taken a hit, but it’s not finished yet!  Print still holds a powerful position in marketing and business, and that won’t change anytime soon, so where should your print marketing be focused in a digital world?

Printed publications have had to change their own strategy as more people choose to consume information from online sources instead of newspapers and magazines. This drop in printed sales is what ultimately led to some media companies, including ESPN, ceasing all print versions of their magazines, and becoming exclusively online.  Then the tables turned again and print magazine subscriptions became popular once more during the global pandemic,  As millions of people across the globe moved to work remotely, having a physical copy of a magazine gave them a much-needed break from staring at a screen.

There is no doubt that digital media is convenient, but it does have disadvantages over print: studies have shown that printed material can help us retain information better. With print, we are not only reading, but it taps into our other senses: touch and even smell. Engaging with the other senses can help to form a connection and leave a lasting impression. For instance, emails can easily be forgotten, especially if a person’s inbox already has a large unread number.  Physical mail is statistically more likely to be read and this applies to all printed promotional materials.

Companies that continue to use print marketing tend to have more trustworthy reputations. Small Biz Trends conducted a survey that revealed that 85% of consumers were more inclined to choose a company that still used some form of print in their marketing; while International News Media Association revealed that 82% of Internet users trusted printed ads over their digital counterparts. Although digital marketing can be brilliant at reaching a vast number of consumers, it does not hold the same level as trust – it is easier to scam via digital.

Viewing digital ads on phones or tablets can often lead them to be ‘scrolled over’ and potential customers can be lost.  Even when watching videos on platforms like YouTube, most choose to skip the ads.  Continuing to have print as part of your marketing strategy will help you to reach audiences that may not be tech-savvy or who may be too tech-savvy and will have blocked your ads or emails!

Rather than saying that one form of marketing is better than the other, print and digital make ideal partners. For instance, printing a QR code in a magazine or a leaflet that can lead to promotion, perfectly blends the printed and digital world. Digital marketing can reach a wide audience both quickly and cost-effectively; print Is still showing itself to be relevant and not quite extinct.

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