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Complex made simple


How do you ensure your product is used correctly?


Do you have a brilliant yet technically complicated product.  One that requires detailed and precise instructions to make sure correct procedures are followed in order for your product to work properly?  How do you make sure that your customers carry out those instructions, especially when they are using your product in a busy working environment full of distractions or perhaps are new to the job?

For Ridgeway Science, this problem was complicated further. Their world leading dairy in-milk heat detection test kits, P4 Rapid, has a global user-base and the many languages spoken in their markets were an additional barrier to effective product understanding.

Ridgeway Science needed to convey their technical kit instructions in the simplest way, not only to ensure that their product was used correctly in a busy milking parlour but also to make it easy to translate for international markets.  To do this we had to significantly reduce the amount of text and create visual instructions in a few simple steps.

Using Ikea as our style guide, we designed 6 illustrated steps to ensure the P4 Rapid tests were used accurately and also be easy for anyone to follow from the milking technician to the relief milker. Instructions such as they had to strip the teat 3 times before they could collect a milk sample. That the milk had to be shaken to distribute the fat. And most importantly there should only be 7mm of milk which would go just up to the red section of the test stick. Otherwise the test stick became flooded and the results could not be relied on.

P4 Rapid Pack Instructions illustrations (1)

We also worked with Ridgeway to devise a series of videos and animations to help farmers understand how use and how to read the tests. Again, keeping visual text to a minimum and with a simple voice-over, which could be easily overlaid with other languages, we created a portfolio of P4 Rapid marketing aids for their international distributors and customers. Aids which clearly explained the benefits of the product in a way that balanced the clever science behind it with its practical application in the farmyard.

So no matter where their clients were in the world, understanding P4 Rapid and how best to use it would never be a problem.

All it took is a little lateral thinking…


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