• Brand strategy

  • Brand identity

  • Brand voice

  • Design & artwork

  • Copywriting

  • Web design & build

  • Social media set up

The Client

MagManager is a software package that helps people working in the independent magazine market to lay out their magazines and manage their businesses. The founders of the company have their own magazine publishing business and had become increasingly frustrated by the software that was available. They knew they could create something that was easier to use, instinctive, flexible and responsive.

The Brief

MagManager asked us to help them launch their new company.  We had three months prior to their planned launch to develop a brand identity, logo and website.

The Solution

Initially we had to define who and what MagManager was.  This meant understanding the vision for the company, who they wanted to be and how they wanted their target audience, primarily independent magazine publishers, to interact with them. We worked with Mandy and Ross, the owners of MagManager, to develop the brand architecture from which we created the logo, colour palette and strapline: ‘Easy by Design’.

We then designed and wrote the content for the website, reflecting the easy, visual and intuitive nature of MagManager’s software.

Prior to the launch of the software we created a teaser site and interactive game that we promoted on social media, developing a ‘coming soon’ buzz. The game was also a useful tool to show how easy and visual the software is to use.