Energise Your Business With Fresh Thinking in 2023

As another year kicks off, with another set of January sales, and another year of well meaning resolutions, what’s going to be different for your business this year?

Whether your working paradigm has completely changed over the last few years, or stayed rigidly the same, the new year is always an opportunity for reappraisal and setting some development goals for your brand, marketing and communications.

Continue Creating

Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely you are alone in your niche. Other companies will provide products or services that, while not as good as yours, speak to the basic needs of your audience. So how do you differentiate?


There may be ten companies who do a version of what you do, and while things like price, insight and proof all matter, if you can’t grab attention then it’s harder to get that information in front of your prospects.

Create a table, list your competitor set in the first column and look at all the ways they present online or in print. This gives you a handy overview of what your competitors all do, allowing you space to differentiate, but also a series of jumping off points, how can you take the ideas one step further, how can you make something that catches the eye visually or with a bolder set of words?

People Preferences

2023 will see a continued interest by consumers into the operations and ideals of the brands and businesses they buy from.

Whether it’s the security of personal data, recruitment policies, working practices or the sustainability systems, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) should be a clear part of your offering to customers and figure clearly in your communications.

Sustainability in particular offers a broad range of opportunities to differentiate yourself from competitors. Where do your materials come from? How can they be recycled or disposed of responsibly? What’s your roadmap towards increased sustainability?

Having an open conversation about the impact your business has on the environment (and all businesses do impact on the environment) allows you to align what you’re doing today with an idealised future that your audience are also invested in.

Video Viewership

As internet speeds continue to grow, and more of your audience has more reliable internet, video content is becoming more and more popular and as a tool for engagement, it’s second to none. It can also be expensive, so how do you get good ROI on video content?

Make 2023 the year you start to use regular video content and make sure you repurpose it effectively.

Film a main video, whether you do this yourself or with a production outfit, this video will be broken out into multiple forms. The first, and easiest of which are social media snippets, little extracts that go on your social media channels to drive people into the main video.

Next use some of your video script, or a transcript of your video, to create a blog on your site and in the conclusion link to the full video.  Where appropriate you can also take the audio from your video and post it to social audio sites, such as Clubhouse, with other links such as the video and your site. 

The more you repurpose video content to create new streams for the audience to grow their awareness, the better your ROI.

Niche Interests

More than ever 2023 will be a year for businesses to not just have their commercial niche but start to explore their marketing niche. 

Whether you do that through comms, imagery, CSR, video or audio, don’t just set your business apart with what you offer but also how you talk about it and the method you use to communicate with your audience.

And remember there’s support available to help you at every stage if needed. If you’re interested in talking to our team about how we could help you energise your business with fresh thinking in 2023 we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here for more information or give us a call on 01600 891525.