Should I Still Use Facebook…?!

Social media giant Facebook was the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg who launched the platform back in February 2004 with fellow Harvard University student, Eduardo Saverin. Whilst it was initially designed exclusively for Harvard University students, Facebook was soon rolled out to colleges across the USA and Canada and eventually made available to anyone with a valid email address, over the age of 13 in 2006.

11 Years on from its public release, it’s now difficult to imagine a world without Facebook and it’s estimated that 2.2 billion people are active on the platform worldwide. However, recently there has been much controversy surrounding the social network.

There have been allegations that the social media giant has exposed the data of 50 million users without direct consent. In addition, Facebook’s moral position on connecting the wrong kinds of people has also been called into question.

While there is a distinct difference between using the platform on a personal level and as a business, the fact is that if people do delete their personal profiles, there will be no one left on the platform for your business to reach.

So, should you and your business still be using Facebook? We thought we’d let the statistics help you decide!


In Favour

> Website Quora reported that, “Mark Zuckerberg says he has not seen a “meaningful number of people” deleting their Facebook accounts in the wake of a scandal that caused users to question how well the social media site protected their data.”

Facebook is a great way to reach a targeted audience.

83% Of women use Facebook while 75% of men use the social network.

16 Million local business pages have been created as of May 2013 which is a 100% increase from eight million in June 2012. 

According to technology research company Forrester, 78% of teens online use Facebook. This is the same proportion as in 2014 and Facebook remains one of the more popular social networking sites, second only in popularity to You Tube.



There are an estimated 83 million fake profiles.

40% Of Facebook users have never “liked” a Facebook page.

Facebook has played a significant part in the rise of Fake News as it tries to position itself as a news portal while continuing to promote freedom of speech. You can see where the lines become blurred.

The newsfeed has now become so diluted that it’s not considered a valuable source of information.

There is an argument that Facebook can take traffic away from your business’ website.


Make up Your Own Mind

Essentially no one can answer this question for you because each and every business is different. Even with the recent controversy, the network remains popular and even while some millennials now deem it “uncool” it’s unlikely that we’ll see a total boycott anytime soon.

Given the statistics above, it might seem crazy not to have a business presence on Facebook. However, it’s worth considering your target demographic and whether this is the right platform to reach them.

Having a Facebook page is only really worthwhile if you’re going to spend time updating it with engaging content. But what if the people who you want to engage with your content aren’t there? It’s worth considering if investing your time on this social network is worth your effort.

Security and data breaches aside, using things like Hootsuite can help save time with your social media posts, allowing you to simultaneously post to accounts on different social networks. Making it easy enough to keep your business presence on this platform and keep your page content ticking over.


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