Thinking Out of The Box With Creative Marketing

How can a smaller company hope to compete in their industry when they are at such a big disadvantage when it comes to marketing?

Larger companies have big budgets and a greater number of staff dedicated to all aspects of the marketing process: From advertising, to customer service, and even production. For smaller companies, they don’t have the same luxuries – budgets are vastly smaller and usually a lot of the work must be done by a handful of people, or even fewer!  In order to grab the public’s attention – and hold onto it – smaller businesses must be more creative in their approach and offer a unique selling point in the hope that they can beat the big guys at their game.

So, what can you do?




Social media can be a great platform for exposure whatever size you may be; it is relatively inexpensive and can reach a vast number of potential customers quickly. With different platforms to choose from, you can use them all for different purposes.

LinkedIn has 756 million members, is specifically a business and professional network and is uniquely suited for B2B lead generation. It enables you to easily target, connect and engage with your target audience. If your business offers a solution to your customer’s needs, LinkedIn is the best environment for attracting their attention.

Twitter is brilliant for interacting with other people and can be used for customer service; this is a method that has already been adopted by many companies.

Instagram specialises in photographs – this can be ideal for showing off the visual aspects of your business: different products; the views from your B&B or glamping pod. Social media can also allow other forms of interaction – invite them to post photos of themselves with your product; have a hashtag and offer a reward. You could even run competitions.




Not everyone wants to read an article about a product; maybe the individual does not get the same feeling or experience from written words that they require to make a purchase.

Millions of videos are viewed daily on the internet, and this can be a great avenue to expose your products and business.

Consider uploading a video of your product, like a demonstration or being used by a model, to your website or a social channel like YouTube.  Or you could make a virtual tour of your restaurant, holiday let, office or workshop.  The visual effect of your product could be more enticing to your potential customers, and you can help increase trust by being part of the video yourself. 

Allowing your customer to see the face of the business can bring about a more personal touch, and a lasting impression – you could even go viral!




Consider taking a seasonal approach.

Throughout the year, there are various holidays and events, that you could use to inspire you. Food and drink-based companies can capitalise on holiday days like Valentine’s Day – bakeries offering sweet treats; restaurants selling special offers for couples. Change menus to suit the summer weather; BBQ offers; sell cocktails or mocktails.

Adapt your products to seasonal change: Sell hot drinks and baked goods in the winter; cooling drinks and ice cream in the summer; anything with pumpkin spice in the autumn!  Run vibrant swimwear campaigns during the summer holidays or winter campaigns that position hats and scarves as great gifts. A Christmas Countdown, with Black Friday incentives – whatever your business, seasonal promotions can boost your creativity and your sales.

Just because you don’t have a big budget, doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with what you have.  Work out what matters most to your customers and support them in that, and never underestimate the power of the personal touch.

If you’re interested in talking to our team about how we could help you induce some creativity into your marketing we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here or give us a call on 01600 891525.

Complex Made Simple

Complex made simple


How do you ensure your product is used correctly?


Do you have a brilliant yet technically complicated product.  One that requires detailed and precise instructions to make sure correct procedures are followed in order for your product to work properly?  How do you make sure that your customers carry out those instructions, especially when they are using your product in a busy working environment full of distractions or perhaps are new to the job?

For Ridgeway Science, this problem was complicated further. Their world leading dairy in-milk heat detection test kits, P4 Rapid, has a global user-base and the many languages spoken in their markets were an additional barrier to effective product understanding.

Ridgeway Science needed to convey their technical kit instructions in the simplest way, not only to ensure that their product was used correctly in a busy milking parlour but also to make it easy to translate for international markets.  To do this we had to significantly reduce the amount of text and create visual instructions in a few simple steps.

Using Ikea as our style guide, we designed 6 illustrated steps to ensure the P4 Rapid tests were used accurately and also be easy for anyone to follow from the milking technician to the relief milker. Instructions such as they had to strip the teat 3 times before they could collect a milk sample. That the milk had to be shaken to distribute the fat. And most importantly there should only be 7mm of milk which would go just up to the red section of the test stick. Otherwise the test stick became flooded and the results could not be relied on.

P4 Rapid Pack Instructions illustrations (1)

We also worked with Ridgeway to devise a series of videos and animations to help farmers understand how use and how to read the tests. Again, keeping visual text to a minimum and with a simple voice-over, which could be easily overlaid with other languages, we created a portfolio of P4 Rapid marketing aids for their international distributors and customers. Aids which clearly explained the benefits of the product in a way that balanced the clever science behind it with its practical application in the farmyard.

So no matter where their clients were in the world, understanding P4 Rapid and how best to use it would never be a problem.

All it took is a little lateral thinking…


Have a look at our P4 Rapid case study here

You can watch videos and animations we made for P4 Rapid here

Moo’vie Time!

It’s Moo’vie Time!


They say never work with animals or children, but these lovely ladies were complete professionals in front of the camera!

It was an early dawn start to film this dairy herd!  Fuelled by strong coffee and a glorious sunrise, we were given permission by Tom to film his herd for P4 Rapid. They wanted an informative instruction video on how to best use their product.

Filming cows was a new one for our videographer, Owain, but he took it all in his stride or rather his wellies!

Watch the video here

P4 Rapid Video Shoot 1